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Harness the power of AI on any website to summarize, write, and learn faster. Take advantage of a powerful tool to leverage transformative technology.

Enter a new era of digital productivity.

AI models like GPT are ground-breaking new technology. The superhuman individuals of tomorrow will master the ability to speak eloquently with AI.

Engage with information in context

Ask AI to explain or discuss text and articles you highlight on pages you visit. Break down concepts, look up new materials.

Save time by summarizing key points

Use AI to summarize the key relevant points on a web page quickly.

Speed up your workflow

Experience an optimized, keyboard-shortcut oriented workflow for speaking fluently with AI.

Ask, write, and create anything

Leverage the full power of ChatGPT, always only a keystroke away.

Growing Feature List
  • Highlight articles then quickly summarize them
  • Load highlighted text or articles into chat with you web page
  • Hotkey access to GPT from anywhere
  • Take notes on Youtube Videos with timestamps
  • Quick capture ideas and insights into the notepad
  • Save your notes to Markdown files or PKM tools like Obsidian

And more coming soon..

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